Exterior Aluminium Shutters

Exterior aluminium shutters and Interior aluminium window shutters can be great deterrents to crime and protect your windows from storm damage.  Aluminium shutters, Sydney can be the difference between an insurance claim and preserving your property and peace of mind.

Durable Construction

Aluminium shutters have to be able to withstand some brutal conditions without bending or giving way. Inwood Blinds And Awnings products are made of heavy gauge aluminium to tackle those conditions. An often forgotten part of the aluminium shutter is the track and other accessories.

We manufacture all of these items from durable materials such as stainless steel. After all, what good is an aluminium shutter that corrodes or fails when exposed to elements or intruders?

Insurance Discounts for Exterior Aluminium Shutters

Many insurance companies offer discounts on premiums for businesses and homes that are protected by aluminium shutters.

Aluminium Shutters are a Theft Deterrent

Statistics and interviews with career criminals have shown that the vast majority of break-ins are crimes of opportunity. Ease of access is a key factor in these crimes. Aluminium window shutters, deny easy access to your home or business. Most criminals will not even bother trying to burglarize a protected home.

Wood Grain Look Aluminium Shutters

If you want the natural look of wood grain and the strength and durability of Aluminium Shutters  then our wood grain look Aluminium Shutters will be the Ideal solution for your home. They are perfect if you live near the coast or in a bushy area prone to fires, because they are not flammable and will keep the heat out in an emergency.

A trained consultant from InWood Blinds And Awnings will come to your home to custom measure your windows to insure that your new aluminum shutters fit properly and offer you maximum protection.

Contact us today to schedule your free no obligation consultation. In Wood Blinds And Awnings has 45 years experience in the aluminium shutter industry. We will meet and exceed all of your expectations . You are safe in our hands.